Solar stations



Electricity expenses are highly increasing. Electricity bills for a warehouse represents around 15% of the total cost. The tariff rates for solar power are way cheaper than conventional electricity. Solar power is a sustainable and cost-effective energy alternative for business owners with a fixed-cost solution, and a lifespan of 25 years. This makes your energy bills more predictable at lower costs. Also, maintenance and monitoring of solar systems are much cheaper. The funds in the Egyptian market for the industrial sector make it so easy to switch to more sustainable source of energy. Control your resources and power up your business in the smartest way!

Commercial solar system installations encompass a variety of different types of customers and projects. In addition to businesses of different sizes, from large corporations to local small businesses, “commercial” solar customers can also include governments, schools, universities, hotels and other nonprofit organizations. No matter what your business does, or what sector it covers, you can always see a benefit from installing a commercial solar panel system. Generating solar power introduces massive benefits by reducing your energy costs, whilst still getting a great return on investment. Run your business in the smartest way!

The continuous rise in fossil energy prices, combined with climate change concerns and progress in renewable energy sector, has catalyzed interest in clean energy systems across Egypt. Off-grid photovoltaic systems ensure a reliable and completely autonomous water supply at low cost without fuel-powered generators, battery systems or long power lines. Solar energy can make irrigation independent of grid power. Low-pressure drip irrigation systems can be operated with any photovoltaic-powered pump, making them ideal for areas not connected to the grid. Have a permanent source of energy with the lowest cost!

You can now save up to 100% of your electricity bill for over 20 years! Not only this, but also you can be the main source of electricity for yourself and others, lower your carbon footprint and be part of saving the environment. The governmental support to green energy sector in Egypt makes it super easy for you to easily switch to using solar energy without the need to pay the system upfront. As net metering allows you to sell back excess energy produced to the electricity company.
Cut off the extra money you pay monthly on electricity and save the environment.

Save up to 100%
Up to 5 years installment
25 years warranty